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Connect and Manage APIs Across Any System and Cloud

API7 Enterprise is a full API lifecycle management solution based on Apache APISIX -- the best open source API gateway.

Modernize legacy applications, monetize your APIs, and deliver products faster and more securely -- With API7 Enterprise's API design integrations, API runtime, various protocol transcoding plugins, API portal, and professional and timely technical support.

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European Factory Platform

More Than Just a Gateway

Maximize the Value of Your APIs With the Best Cloud-Native API Management Platform.

Multilayer Network

Data protection and data compliance for your clusters in different parts of the globe.

API Lifecycle Management

Out-of-the-box solution for the entire API lifecycle, including powerful functions such as API Gateway, Developer Portal, Documentation, Mock Testing, etc.

Multi-Cluster Management

Use one dashboard to manage clusters in different regions.


Built-in RBAC with support for interfacing with Keycloak/OAuth/Okta/2FA and other authentication systems.

Canary Release

Support for finer control of canary releases and blue/green deployment via request headers or query strings.


Integration with different systems in Metrics, Tracing, and Logging, such as Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.

Flexible Scaling

Fast and dynamic scaling up and down with DP and CP to handle system peak and burst traffic; in addition to the built-in 100+ plugins also supports custom plugins.

Run Anywhere

Supports deployment on bare metal, virtual machines, Kubernetes, and Cloud.

Developer Portal

Quickly generate API documentation and publish your APIs, allowing third-party developers to consume your APIs.


Convert RESTful requests to the original SOAP service without any modification.

Traffic Labeling

Accurately tagging and categorizing traffic for identification, classification, or routing.


Ensure security, reliability and compliance for organizations such as government agencies.

The Performant and Secure API Gateway

API7 Enterprise Edition uses the ultimate performant and secure API gateway Apache APISIX at its core and can process ~18K QPS per CPU core with 0.2ms latency.

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The Performant and Secure API Gateway

Built with Enterprises, for Enterprises

API7 Enterprise Edition is created by experienced experts who have worked with hundreds of companies worldwide to understand and fulfil their API management needs. It includes the most requested enterprise-grade functionalities that have been tested by the market.

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Built with Enterprises, for Enterprises

Maximize the Value of Your APIs Through the API Portal

One-click to publish your APIs to external developers and partners with API statistics, authentication and rate limiting.

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Maximize the Value of Your APIs Through the API Portal

Add-on Professional Technical Support


  • Product training
  • Migrate from other products
  • Suggestions from experts on API management for you
  • Technical architecture discussion and review


  • Performance optimization
  • Develop custom plugins
  • Integration and protocol transcoding for legacy applications
  • Integrate with Gitops systems such as CI/CD


  • Up to 30 mins SLA
  • First-priority security fixes
  • APISIX development certification
  • Regular meetings with APISIX core developers

Use Cases

How Does Zoom Use APISIX Ingress in Its Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

How Does Zoom Use APISIX Ingress in Its Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

Zoom integrates APISIX Ingress Controller in its continuous delivery pipeline to realize the overall management of project, application, environment and infrastructure management.

iQIYI Unlocks API Gateway Innovation with Apache APISIX

iQIYI Unlocks API Gateway Innovation with Apache APISIX

iQIYI's technical team compares APISIX with Kong, and updates and integrates iQIYI's infrastructure to successfully build a bran-new API gateway.

API Gateway for Web3: How APISIX Empowers Hyperchain

API Gateway for Web3: How APISIX Empowers Hyperchain

How the blockchain unicorn company-Hyperchain uses APISIX, an open-source api gateway, to empower the Hyperchain Blockchain Platform to manage blockchain traffic in web3, mentioning the comparison among APISIX, Kong, and NGINX.

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