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API7 Cloud is open for early access 🎉

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Manage and visualize enterprise-critical business traffic such as APIs and microservices to accelerate enterprise business decisions through big data and artificial intelligence (AI)

Low-Code API Gateway

It's processing traffic faster and more efficiently. From Developers to Operations, Quality Assurance and Security, and even PM, more than 40 plugins of Apache APISIX can work together to create your own plugin.

Low-Code API Gateway

Next Generation Cloud Native API Management Platform

Supports hybrid cloud, multi-data center, Kubernetes and other deployment methods to help you process business data quickly and securely, and scale dynamically.

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An active community and great contributors are keys to our reliable products.

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Ryan Cao

Chief Software Architect of Airwallex

We've implemented an Apache APISIX-based API gateway and have made a smooth transition to multi-cloud and microservices architectures thanks to APISIX's highly optimized and scalable platform and the support of our developer community!

Tencent IEG

We have been following and contributing to Apache APISIX since its first release, and our team members have been elected as Committers for the project. We believe more companies and individuals will join in and make the community more prosperous.

Xiangbing Lee

Head of Meicai's basic service platform

We investigated Apache APISIX, a cloud-native, high-performance, scalable microservices API gateway. It not only has friendly support for native Nginx features, but also inherits the high concurrency, high performance, and high reliability of Nginx, and provides rich plugins such as grayscale, rate limiting, and authorized authentication to better serve the business. is a very good choice for gateway selection.

Hui Li

Tencent Cloud

We investigated many API gateways and finally chose Apache APISIX as the core component of the next generation API gateway because of its high performance, high scalability, and active community. I hope this project will grow even more in the near future and have a more profound impact on the microservices space.


Traffic Split in Apache APISIX Ingress Controller
Ingress Controller

Traffic Split in Apache APISIX Ingress Controller

Traffic Split is a feature that splits and deliveries traffic to multiple backend services. Solutions like API Gateway (e.g. Apache APISIX and Traefik), Service Mesh (e.g. Istio and Linkerd) are capable of doing traffic splitting and implement functionalities like Canary Release and Blue-Green Deployment.

How Amazon EKS and APISIX ingress controller work together to manage complex traffic

How Amazon EKS and APISIX ingress controller work together to manage complex traffic

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), a hosted Kubernetes service, allows you to easily run Kubernetes loads on Amazon Cloud Technologies without the need for control plane or node installation and maintenance.

APISIX and Microservice Gateway Patterns in Practice at Airwallex

APISIX and Microservice Gateway Patterns in Practice at Airwallex

What performance has Airwallex improved with the introduction of the high-performance open source gateway Apache APISIX, what is its gateway selection and gateway architecture? And what is the structure of its distributed route management?

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