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APISIX meets our requirement on speeding development and iteration. What distinguishes APISIX is its rich plugins, visible configuration, fine-grained verification, abundant features, active community, and high performance.

Xin Zhang


Cloud-Native Development Engineer at Horizon Robotics

Horizon Robotics

1.2 time performance improved

after using APISIX

Process terabyte-scale data

at a time in AI model training

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Horizon Robotics is a leading advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving solutions provider for passenger vehicles, empowered by cutting-edge algorithms, purpose-built software, and state-of-the-art processing hardware.

As a key enabler for smart vehicle transformation and commercialization, it has established cooperation with more than 100 ecosystem industry partners and over 30 automotive companies.

  • Difficulties are encountered when attempting to achieve fine-grained configuration management in Traefik 1.x. Routing rules are configured through Ingress, and certain plugins require configuration via annotations. This approach is limited to the addition of plugins to rules within Ingress.

  • Traefik 1.x doesn't support the visual configuration of specific rules and cannot directly locate a specific service by accessing the request URL through web browsers.

  • Traefik only provides a limited number of default configuration files, ConfigMap, thereby necessitating developers to refer to the official documentation for configuration details. In addition, some parameters are inconsistent with the NGINX's default configuration, which can make maintenance more cumbersome.


Horizon Robotics has selected APISIX Ingress Controller as its traffic management gateway to provide unified service delivery.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

Rich Plugins

All the plugins supported by APISIX can be configured declaratively using apisix-ingress-controller, and the plugins can be customized for a single backend under ApisixRoute.

Visual Configuration

One major advantage for customers is the visual configuration feature. By utilizing the APISIX Dashboard, customers can view each APISIX route. In the event of a conflict arising from configuring the same domain in multiple namespaces or YAML files, customers can quickly locate the path prefix by searching with the APISIX Dashboard.

Fine-Grained Verification

The APISIX Ingress Controller implements fine-grained verification of resources declared in the CRD it manages. In cases where a non-existent service is declared, error messages are stored in the ApisixRoute event, preventing the change from taking effect. This feature helps to minimize problems stemming from misuse.

Rich Features

Another key advantage for customers is the rich feature set offered by APISIX. This includes support for hot updates and hot plugins, proxy request rewriting, multiple authentications, and multi-language plugin development, among numerous other capabilities.

Active Community

APISIX benefits from an active community of maintainers and contributors on Slack, GitHub, and the mailing list, setting it apart from other open-source solution communities.

High Performance

APISIX's performance exceeds that of Envoy by approximately 120% in pressure tests, with the difference in QPS becoming more pronounced when more cores are involved.


Streamline Operations

APISIX has enabled Horizon Robotics to streamline operations by facilitating easy uploading of oversized files.

Convenient Monitoring

The forward-auth plugin has improved monitoring convenience by reducing the need for a gRPC layer.

Fine-Grained Application Monitoring

Horizon Robotics has implemented the APISIX Prometheus plugin globally and conducted debugging and optimization to increase the number of real-time concurrencies, QPS, the success rate of APISIX real-time interface, and real-time bandwidth.

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After adopting APISIX Ingress Controller, it is easier for developers to add configurations on the gateway than to write codes.

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APISIX helped us greatly improve service quality under active-active architecture. Its complete monitoring feature has effectively supported troubleshooting, and updating the service list has become very simple.

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