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API7 commercial support is great for security control and comprehensive support. We chose API7 also because it is marvelous at supporting k8s.

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Amber Group serves over 150 countries and boasts over 1,000 institutional clients with a traded volume exceeding 1 trillion dollars, generating returns for investors worldwide.

As it marches forward on the track of Web3, Amber Group has launched its flagship digital asset platform for individuals - WhaleFin. However, with business growing, challenges arise, and Amber Group urgently needs a powerful gateway to help it solve the following problems:

  • Lack of efficient traffic management, requiring a complete build from scratch.
  • Need to improve development efficiency.
  • Complex log management requirements, high cost, and scaling challenges.


Amber Group has chosen API7 solution based on APISIX, a cutting-edge and popular API gateway, to manage its APIs due to its inclusion in the ecosystem, high performance, and developer-friendly features.

"When selecting an API gateway, we initially compared Kong and APISIX. After learning about APISIX's active community on GitHub, we ultimately chose APISIX. API7 solution based on APISIX is great in supporting k8s, and its monitoring and observable metrics are suitable for our needs," said Sun.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

Leading Technologies

The Amber group preferred to choose a cutting-edge and popular API gateway. APISIX's architecture separates the data and control planes, making it an advanced API gateway solution. This design offers many benefits, including improved scalability, enhanced security, and better fault tolerance.

Inclusive Ecosystem

API7 solution supports L7 and L4 protocols and many open-source or SaaS services. Amber Group leverages many of these functions and ecosystems supported by API7 solution, including hmac-auth, jwt-auth, and Prometheus.

High Performance

As Apache APISIX is the fastest API gateway on the market, API7 solution supports a single-core QPS of 23,000 with an average delay of only 0.6 milliseconds. This impressive performance significantly benefits Amber Group, providing the speed and efficiency required to manage a high volume of API traffic.

Developer - Friendly

API7 solution empowers Amber Group to customize and manage traffic according to their business requirements. This flexibility allows the company to adapt quickly to changing business needs and deliver a superior customer experience.


Supporting Cloud-Native Architecture

Amber Group's architecture is now ultimately cloud-native, with services across multiple mainstream cloud providers and multi-cloud scenarios. The integration was smooth and successful, with the WhaleFin business group not needing to migrate historical data, thanks to APISIX's excellent support for k8s.

Improving Developer Efficiency

Another notable highlight of API7 solution is its developer-friendly features. It provides a stable underlying architecture while also offering developers customizable space.

Inspiring Logging Management

The Datadog plugin supported by API7 solution has been a helpful tool for Amber Group, allowing them to migrate logs from the ELK Stack of AWS to Datadog. Amber Group will gradually adopt metrics, tracing, logging, etc., to realize observability.

Stable Performance

Since adopting the API7 solution in December 2021, Amber Group's architecture has been running stably for almost one year. This reliability has been crucial for Amber Group's business success.

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API7 solution performs surprisingly well in its practice in production scenarios. We love its high availability, high performance, and rich functionality, allowing us to build and grow our business in a cloud-native way.

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