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API7 Enterprise helps Hisense to build an integrated platform to connect factories and applications distributed around the world.

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Hisense is a globally renowned electronics and home appliance manufacturer. According to the leading international market research institute Omdia, global shipments of Hisense TV for Q1 2024 hit a total of 6.32 million, ranking Hisense No. 2 overall in the global market from 2022 to 2024 Q1.

It strategically shifts from decentralized to centralized control, embracing platformization and digital transformation. Over the past two decades, Hisense launched a digital planning project, resulting in an integrated platform with capabilities like API services and protocol conversion.

However, as the platform expands, urgent challenges await resolution.

  • Hisense's global industrial parks face delays in API service calls due to lengthy chain and network fluctuations, necessitating the establishment of edge gateways.

  • The integration platform required regular manual database handling, and access to the management portal was becoming increasingly slower, which demanded higher performance and high availability.

  • Hisense's implementation of a plenty of microservices results in a complex architecture, hampered by issues with outdated middleware and operational complexities.

  • The previous platform was time-consuming in synchronizing API registration, modification, publication, subscription, and policy changes, resulting in lengthy debugging and poor user experience.


Hisense replaced its previous platform components with API7 Enterprise, enabling centralized management and decentralized edge deployment.

Hisense Architecture with API7 Enterprise

API7 Enterprise has brought numerous advantages, including instant API registration, release, and policy modifications thanks to API7's hot reloading feature. API7 also introduced new features like HMAC authentication, GZIP log support, dynamic plugin loading, and customizable exception strategies.

API7 Solution for Hisense

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

High Performance

Hisense's previous platform was integrated with 146 sets of business systems, with an average daily usage exceeding 5 million calls. As the unified gateway for interconnecting the group's business systems, it imposes requirements on higher performance and high availability. API7 Enterprise boasts all the merits of Apache APISIX, delivering the best performance among other API gateways with a single-core QPS of 18,000 with an average delay of 0.6 ms.

High Availability

API7 Enterprise offers robust high availability capabilities to ensure uninterrupted service and maximum uptime for your API infrastructure. Configuring high availability on the data plane can effectively prevent a single point of failure. API7 Enterprise's control plane is charged for gateway management through an intuitive web interface, API7 Dashboard. Even in the event of control plane failure, service requests remain unaffected.

Hot Reloading

API7 Enterprise enables elastic scaling, allowing Hisense to automatically adjust the capacity of your API infrastructure based on the incoming traffic. Furthermore, Hisense can upgrade and add more advanced features to its system, including HMAC (hash-based message authentication code) authentication, gzip-form log files, dynamic plugin reloading, and custom exception policies.

Resilient Scalability

API7 Enterprise offers a powerful feature called hot reloading, which allows real-time effectiveness in API registration, publication, subscription, and policy modification. Hisense can adapt more quickly to the diverse business environment demands and improve business flexibility and development efficiency through API7's real-time effectiveness feature.


Millions of Traffic Calls Handled

Boasting exceptional performance, the API7 solution optimizes Hisense's API gateway to achieve a remarkable 8-9 times performance enhancement. It effortlessly handles tens of millions of daily API calls, ensuring seamless operations and maintaining top-notch efficiency, even during periods of high load.

Remarkable System Efficiency

API modifications, registration, publication, subscription, and policy changes take effect in real time, significantly improving development efficiency. Besides, Hisense has achieved system autonomy in multiple industrial parks by deploying edge gateways. The multi-end edge deployment enables the park systems in different locations to operate smoothly without being affected by network failures, ensuring business continuity and accelerating the launch of international operations.

Advanced Features Supported

By harnessing the robust scalability of API7 Enterprise, Hisense enjoys effortless customization of its platform. Leveraging this flexibility, Hisense has unlocked a host of new features to elevate its API infrastructure. These include advanced capabilities like HMAC authentication, supporting gzip-form log files, dynamic plugin loading, and customizable exception strategies, empowering Hisense with enhanced security, flexible log management, extensibility, and tailored exception handling.

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