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Elevate AI Model Development with Machine Learning

As a mature and out-of-the-box API gateway, APISIX helps us with high development efficiency. From starting from scratch to passing POC, it only took us one week.

Diao Shoujun


Senior Developer at Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud

Take only 1 week

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Tencent Cloud TI Platform is a one-stop machine learning service platform designed for AI engineers. It empowers AI development throughout the process, from data preprocessing to model building, training, evaluation, and service.

Tencent Cloud TI Platform encountered several technical challenges due to its rapid business growth.

  • Dispersed platform-level services across different components or services
  • Coupled platform-level services with the backend services reduced development efficiency
  • Difficulty in handling high concurrency scenarios and performance bottlenecks
  • Insufficient monitoring capabilities blocked operational efficiency and system observability


To address its technical bottlenecks, Tencent Cloud TI Platform uses APISIX as a unified gateway module to receive and process all incoming traffic, simplifying the architecture and improving efficiency. It leverages APISIX's flexible plugin system to configure features like routing, access control, and monitoring. Additionally, APISIX's support for diverse protocols enhances the platform's adaptability and scalability.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

Ultra-High Performance

Apache APISIX supports a single-core Queries Per Second (QPS) of 23,000 with an average delay of only 0.6 milliseconds, which enables Tencent Cloud TI Platform to handle high concurrency scenarios.

High Availability

Tencent Cloud TI Platform chose APISIX because it uses etcd as its configuration center, which is more conducive to the lightweight and high availability of the system.


Taking OpenResty and Lua as the technical basis, APISIX is easy to use and friendly to developers for customization. Developers with no prior experience in OpenResty and Lua can quickly onboard and leverage APISIX, empowering their teams to rapidly address customized development requirements for business projects within a short timeframe.

Flexible Routing

The outstanding routing flexibility and efficient routing matching algorithm of APISIX are key factors for Tencent Cloud TI Platform to choose it. APISIX has an optimized routing matching algorithm, which takes effect within 1 ms. It also supports using any NGINX variable as a routing condition, enabling developers to set up routing rules to meet the needs of different application scenarios.


Improved Development Efficiency

Developers can focus on developing core features by consolidating platform-level services into the API gateway and decoupling with the backend services.

Comprehensive Observability

Comprehensive request-level monitoring was implemented, including detailed logging and monitoring of various core metrics such as QPS, latency, and error rates.

Excellent API Performance

APISIX empowered Tencent Cloud TI Platform to allocate resources dynamically based on actual traffic, easily meeting the scenarios of direct API calls by multiple users.

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