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Establish Streaming Platform with 513 Million MAU

“After comparing some mainstream gateway products, we find that the response latency of Apache APISIX is more than 50% lower than other gateways, and Apache APISIX can still run stably when the CPU reaches more than 70%.”

Cong He


Senior R&D Engineer at iQIYI


10x performance

gets improved to undertake millions of QPS

> 9,000 API processes

are easily supported by APISIX

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  • High traffic leads to excessive CPU IDLE too-low alerts.
  • Many components depend on the system architecture.
  • O&M (Operation and Maintenance) cost is high.


  • Select an API gateway that meets iQIYI's needs.
  • Minimize migration cost.
  • Choose an API gateway with a strong community and ecosystem.
  • Develop a new API gateway that aligns with cloud-native trends.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

"We compared the performance between Apache APISIX and Kong during the investigation and surprisingly found Apache APISIX was 10 times better than Kong in terms of performance optimization. We also compared Apache APISIX to some other major gateway products, and Apache APISIX's response latency is always more than 50% lower than other products. Furthermore, Apache APISIX can still run stably even if the CPU usage reaches more than 70%. APISIX is really amazing!" Cong said.

Both Apache APISIX and Kong were developed based on OpenRestry at the technical level, which allows for a relatively low migration cost. Its excellent adaptability makes it easy to deploy on various environments, including cloud computing platforms.

"Meanwhile, we also found Apache APISIX is a highly active open-source project that resolves issues very quickly. Its cloud-native framework also aligns with our company's future plans. Therefore, we chose Apache APISIX as our API gateway."


Improve Performance

Performance improved by 10 times, enabling the system to handle millions of QPS daily.

Support Projects Easily

Our solution supported over 9,000 API online business projects with ease.

Manage Data Disaster Recovery

We successfully implemented data disaster recovery for multiple sites and levels throughout China.

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