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API7 solution performs surprisingly well in its practice in production scenarios. We love its high availability, high performance, and rich functionality, allowing us to build and grow our business in a cloud-native way.

Xu Zhao


Infrastructure Architect at vivo


> 99.99% system availability

without any major failure occurred

≈ 50% projects

were migrated from NGINX to APISIX

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  • vivo faces several challenges, including the management of complex business scenarios and system maintenance. With the company's rapid growth, there are multiple scenarios and systems to manage, requiring a unified approach.

  • Interactions between the data plane and control plane are also a challenge for medium and large-sized companies like vivo. Even minor issues in the data plane can impact the control plane.

  • vivo lacks support for multi-dimensional resources, resulting in various domain names and URLs. This creates challenges for the business department when searching for resources according to different dimensions.

  • vivo's complex projects can have an uncontrollable impact when problems arise. The use of complicated plugins exacerbates this issue.


vivo introduced Apache APISIX as its API gateway, customizing its architecture to enable traffic access and mixed deployment. Internal DevOps platforms and business deployment services were connected for quick and automatic traffic access, and APISIX cluster management was implemented, along with improved monitoring construction.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution

The API7 solution supports Layer 4 and Layer 7 protocols.

High performance enables vivo to handle significant online traffic.

Rich features allow vivo to migrate projects conveniently.

The API7 solution based on APISIX has great scalability to help vivo extend cluster management.


Achieves 99.99% System Availability

vivo's implementation of API7 solution has resulted in impressive outcomes, including a system availability exceeding 99.99% with no major failures.

Carries One Million QPS Online Forwarding Traffic

Undertaking significant online traffic and serving many services, the current online forwarding traffic reaches close to one million QPS (Queries-per-second).

Convenient and Effortless Migration

Thanks to APISIX's rich features, API7 solution can cover almost all common NGINX proxy scenarios. About 50% of the vivo projects are migrated from the NGINX to the APISIX clusters.

Supports the Construction and Development of Cloud-Native

vivo's adoption of K8s bare metal supporting containerization has scaled to 10,000 and supports the construction and development of cloud-native technology. Approximately 40% of Vivo's projects have migrated from bare metal and virtual machines to the K8s container platform, promoting the company's containerization progress.

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After comparing some mainstream gateway products, we find that the response latency of Apache APISIX is more than 50% lower than other gateways, and Apache APISIX can still run stably when the CPU reaches more than 70%.

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