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API7 Cloud

The SaaS Control Plane to Manage All APIs on Any Cloud

The easiest way to start manage your APISIX instances. Connect and manage your APIs on multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud with lower maintenance, upgrade and bugfix costs.

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European Factory Platform

Connect Your First API in Seconds

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Full Life Cycle API Management

Integrate with OpenAPI, API Portal, GitOps and more

No Vendor Lock-in

Powered by Apache APISIX


API management features

Your API Requests and Data
Stay With You

Your API Requests and Data Stay With You

The control plane is on the cloud, while the data plane remains within your own infrastructure. Only monitoring and observability data are exchanged between the control and data plane, secured via mTLS.

Self-Managed Data Plane

API traffic and data are handled within your infrastructure with no risk of data leakage.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

You can choose any cloud to deploy the data plane, supporting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.

Data Compliance

API7 Cloud achieved SOC 2 Type 1 and GDPR compliance.

Hassle-Free Management

Focus on your core business while we handle setup, maintenance and updates.


API7 Cloud offers flexible pricing models and reduces the total cost when API traffic grows rapidly.

99.99% SLA

Ensure maximum uptime and you can choose add-on technical support.

Built-in Security and Observability

API7 Cloud integrates with popular security and observability services, making your APIs more stable and secure.

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Built-in Security and Observability

“Airwallex has made a smooth transition to multi-cloud and microservices architectures thanks to APISIX's highly optimized and scalable platform and the support of our developer community!”

Ryan Cao

Chief Software Architect

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“API7 solution performs surprisingly well in its practice in production scenarios. We love its high availability, high performance, and rich functionality, allowing us to build and grow our business in a cloud-native way.”

Xu Zhao

Infrastructure Architect

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API7 Cloud

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