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Airwallex has made a smooth transition to multi-cloud and microservices architectures thanks to API7 commercial support: a highly optimized and scalable platform and the support of the developer community!

Ryan Cao


Chief Software Architect at Airwallex


< 10 ms transfer time

between any two countries

> 130 countries data transfer

are managed with regulatory compliance

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  • One significant challenge for data governance is managing Airwallex's expanding business throughout the world.
  • Managing various systems and their interconnections can be complicated, and problems in one system can cause issues in others.


Airwallex has developed a compliant dynamic routing plugin using the dynamic upstream of API7 solution to meet the requirements for data sovereignty. Additionally, Airwallex enables tenant-level rate limiting and microservice isolation, which improves security and efficiency, and reduces costs.

Competitive Edge of Our Solution


Airwallex prioritizes the stability of the API gateway. API7 provides a solution based on APISIX that is fully dynamic, allowing route modification without reloading and maintaining long client connections. In addition, Airwallex also conducted stress tests on Apache APISIX, which can still run stably when the CPU usage reaches more than 70%.


Reducing the performance loss of the gateway can significantly reduce Airwallex's overall response time for APIs. Apache APISIX had a response delay of more than 50% lower than the others. Additionally, Apache APISIX's independent data plane allows for independent instances in the clusters, inherently supporting horizontal expansion.

Robust Features

Airwallex requires API7 solution to function as an API gateway that supports complex authentication, permission control, service discovery, rate-limiting, downgrade, load balancing, allowlist, and dynamic routing.

Active Community

An active community is crucial for API Gateway to keep up with the pace of technological evolution. Apache APISIX's community has been active since it was still an Apache incubation project, as evidenced by the number of contributors, issue response time, and the number of Pull Requests.

Private Deployment

The API gateway is the core technical architecture component for Airwallex, which deploys the API gateway at the edge of its private network. API7 solution has excellent environmental adaptability and can be easily deployed in various environments, including cloud computing platforms.


Stable Performance

Airwallex's production environment has been running for 15 months with stable performance.

Low Response Delay

With dynamic routing, multi-tenant rate-limiting, multi-tenant IP allowlist, authentication, and authorization enabled, 99% of response delays are within 23 ms.

Support Data Sovereignty

API7 solution provides safe and efficient data sovereignty support, covering over 50 currencies in over 130 countries and regions.

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