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Commercial Support

Last updated: October 15, 2022

Support Range

Provide original commercial support for companies that use Apache APISIX in the development phase and production environment.

Service Content

Service support includes architecture review, code review, troubleshooting, diagnosis, suggestions, upgrades and security patches to ensure the normal operation of Apache APISIX.

If you have modified the core of Apache APISIX, or have custom plugins, it is recommended to choose the Business Edition or Platinum Edition so that we can understand these changes and locate and resolve faults faster.

The following table is the specific content:

Standard EditionBusiness EditionPlatinum Edition
Recommended modeNon-critical businessKey businessKey business
Close communication
Support timeMonday ~ Friday24 X 724 X 7
API Calls (maximum)10 billion/year20 billion/year50 billion/year
Support methodEmail
First Response Time8 hrs (SEVERITY-1)
12 hrs (SEVERITY-2)
24 hrs (SEVERITY-3)
24 hrs (SEVERITY-4)
4 hrs (SEVERITY-1)
8 hrs (SEVERITY-2)
12 hrs (SEVERITY-3)
24 hrs (SEVERITY-4)
30 min (SEVERITY-1)
2 hrs (SEVERITY-2)
8 hrs (SEVERITY-3)
24 hrs (SEVERITY-4)
Customer Success Engineer-
Customer Success Manager--
Professional Services (Integration, Custom Plugin)US $1500/dayUS $1500/dayUS $1500/day


  • SEVERITY-1: Urgent
  • SEVERITY-2: High
  • SEVERITY-3: Normal
  • SEVERITY-4: Low


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  1. The subscription fee is charged annually.
  2. Customer Success Engineer (CSE) and Customer Success Manager(CSM): Onboarding, architecture reviews, implementation assistance, regular health checks, etc.
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