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What is Apache APISIX?

Apache APISIX is a dynamic, real-time, and high-performance API Gateway.

Originally created by API7.ai, APISIX was open-sourced and donated to Apache Software Foundation in 2019, making the vision of serving half of the world's API requests possible.

Ever since then, API7.ai has always been investing the best talents and resources to support Apache APISIX and its community, which is joined by thousands of contributors and users all over the world.

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Why Apache APISIX?

Rich Features

Load balancing, dynamic upstream, authentication and authorization, canary release, rate limiting, service observability, and security

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Cloud Native

Runs from bare-metal machines to Kubernetes providing a vendor-neutral, multi-platform solution

Flexible Configuration

Supports fine-grained routing and plugin writing with your familiar programming languages

Fully Dynamic

Continuously updates its configurations and plugins without restarting your services

Ops Friendly

Integrates with mainstream DevOps platforms and provides an easy-to-use and intuitive APISIX Dashboard

Supportive Community

The most active API Gateway open-source project on GitHub putting users first

APISIX vs alternatives

apisix-vs-kong latency

Tested for 10,000 rps with 1,000 endpoints. Read more details.

apisix-vs-kong qps

Tested for 1 Route with Rate-Limiting Plugin. Read more details.

To Maximize APISIX,
You Need API7

You love the performance of Apache APISIX, not the overheads of managing it. You can focus on your core business without worrying about configuring, maintaining, and updating.

Our team consists of Apache APISIX original creators and contributors, OpenResty and NGINX core maintainers, Kubernetes members, and industry experts on cloud infra. You get the best people behind the scene.

Case Studies

How Does Zoom Use APISIX Ingress in Its Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

How Does Zoom Use APISIX Ingress in Its Continuous Delivery Pipeline?

Zoom integrates APISIX Ingress Controller in its continuous delivery pipeline to realize the overall management of project, application, environment and infrastructure management.

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How Does vivo Integrate with APISIX

How Does vivo Integrate with APISIX

How does the famous mobile manufacturer vivo adopt APISIX as its API gateway and adjust it to fit its businesses?

How Airwallex Empowers Global Payment Using Apache APISIX?

How Airwallex Empowers Global Payment Using Apache APISIX?

Airwallex resolves technical challenges that data sovereignty brings and makes intelligent routing solutions with the help of Apache APISIX.

Looking for Apache APISIX Support?

From service-level agreement support, to out-of-the-box SaaS solutions

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