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Install API7 Enterprise


  • Install Docker and Docker Compose.
  • Install cURL.
  • Obtain a 30-day free trial license.

Install API7 Enterprise

curl -sL https://run.api7.ai/api7/quickstart | bash

You should see the following response:

✔ Network api7-ee_api7
✔ Container api7-ee-postgresql-1
✔ Container api7-ee-prometheus-1
✔ Container api7-ee-api7-ee-dashboard-1
✔ Container api7-ee-api7-ee-dp-manager-1
✔ Container api7-ee-api7-ee-gateway-1
✔ API7-EE is ready!

Activate API7 Enterprise

  1. Visit the API7 Enterprise Dashboard at http://localhost:7080/login and log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  2. Select the license that you want to upload and then click Upload to activate API7 Enterprise.

Next Steps

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