Differences between API7 Enterprise and Apache APISIX

January 10, 2024


In the realm of API management and gateway solutions, API7 Enterprise stands out with a range of compelling advantages when compared to the open-source Apache APISIX. This article meticulously examines these advantages and their positive impact on businesses.

1. Comprehensive Full API Lifecycle Management

Meanwhile, open-source Apache APISIX provides robust functions of API gateway with 100+ plugins, meeting the requirements of almost all enterprises. However, companies require more tools and features to help with full API lifecycle management.

API7 Enterprise introduces a user-friendly dashboard UI and Developer Portal, enabling both internal and external administrators and developers to visually and structurally manage and subscribe to APIs. This becomes crucial for efficiently organizing and maintaining an enterprise's API resources, especially in the context of managing extensive microservices and API ecosystems.

API7-Full API Lifecycle Management Platform

2. Advanced Security Policies

API7 Enterprise significantly advances in security measures. It not only offers robust authentication and authorization mechanisms but also includes advanced security policies and protective features like WAF (Web Application Firewall). Integration with external or internal WAF modules is supported, addressing the critical importance of data and API security in today's threat-filled network environments. Additionally, API7 supports sending alert notifications through webhooks based on preset rules, ensuring swift actions can be taken in the event of business anomalies, thereby enhancing system availability and security awareness.

3. Integration and Ecosystem

API7's solution excels in tighter integration and collaboration with other enterprise software, encompassing authentication and authorization (Keycloak, PingIdentity, Okta), API portal, and observability tools like Grafana. Enterprises can seamlessly integrate API7 into their existing infrastructure, achieving higher levels of automation and workflow.

This integrated approach significantly enhances efficiency and reduces the complexity of integration. For instance, API7 allows Single Sign-On (SSO) login and authentication, integrating with identity authentication services like Azure AD and Keycloak, minimizing redundant configuration of user information in vendor software procurement. Additionally, API7 supports Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), mapping RBAC policies to internal enterprise policies after SSO authentication, reducing the need for redundant permission configurations. API7 solutions also provides common functions such as integrating with HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Consul, to ensure smooth integration of customer businesses to the greatest extent.

API7 Ecosystem

4. Compliance and Risk Management

API7 Enterprise and its solution have undergone various compliance certifications, such as SOC2, providing enterprises with enhanced compliance assurance. In contrast, although open-source APISIX follows the Apache 2.0 license, compliance issues remain the responsibility of the enterprise, potentially introducing unnecessary risks and complexities. API7's compliance ensures greater confidence and security for enterprises, allowing direct procurement without concerns about risk compliance issues.

5. Professional Technical Support

Choosing the API7 solution means access to a pool of numerous API experts, ensuring timely support and response. The API7 technical team provides 24/7 support regardless of time zones, covering almost global users to resolve issues and ensuring uninterrupted service for customers. Moreover, API7 offers technical expert training, facilitating quick learning and mastery of API7 solution, maximizing customer satisfaction and success.

While APISIX is a highly active and powerful API gateway, opting for the API7 solution provides users with direct communication channels for addressing API, service, component, or security issues. This proactive support minimizes downtime, ensuring a robust and stable service for customers.

API7 Technical Support

In conclusion, taking APISIX as a gateway component, the API7 solution offers more value than the open-source Apache APISIX in terms of functionality, security, integration, compliance, and technical support.

For enterprises seeking reliable enterprise-level API management and gateway solutions, the API7 solution is a worthy consideration. It not only enhances API management efficiency but also provides higher levels of security and support, ensuring stable, secure, and compliant API services to meet customer needs. API7's robust competitive advantage in the enterprise-level API management domain provides a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient solution for businesses.

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