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Comparing Apache APISIX and API7 Enterprise Edition

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API7.ai created APISIX and donated APISIX to the Apache Software Foundation in 2019 because we believe that an open and diverse community is the driving force for developing open-source projects.

The more developers and innovative companies use and contribute to APISIX, the greater our chance of making the world a little better.

Why Apache APISIX?

Open and Diverse Open Source Community

APISIX is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation, with contributors from hundreds of companies around the world.

Cloud-Native Modern Architecture

Runs from bare-metal machines to Kubernetes providing a vendor-neutral, multi-platform solution.

Fully Dynamic

Continuously updates the configurations and plugins without restarting your services.

Production Ready

Zoom, McDonald's, GEELY, OPPO, and Hisense all use APISIX in production environments.

API7 Enterprise

API7 Enterprise is a full API lifecycle management solution. It leverages the best open-source API Gateway -- APISIX and adds enterprise features. API7 Enterprise can help you to modernize legacy applications, monetize your APIs, and deliver products faster and more securely.

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API7 Enterprise

Based on APISIX

Contains all the features of APISIX; easy to migrate to the API7 enterprise version


Compliant with GDPR, FIPS and passed SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

Enterprise Features

RBAC, gateway groups, audit logging, traffic labeling, SOAP protocol conversion, etc.

Full API Lifecycle Management

Integrated API design tools and platforms; built-in API portal to help monetize APIs

Key differences


API7 Enterprise

Installation and Maintenance

Install, manage, upgrade, maintain and fix vulnerabilities by yourself

You don't need to worry about anything, as a professional technical team will take care of everything

Cost and Distribution

Free & open source

Offer pay-as-you-go cloud products and subscribed on-premises products based on the number of CPUs


Ensure by yourself

Compliant with GDPR, FIPS and passed SOC 2 Type 1 Audit

Control Plane

Community version without RBAC, workspace, audit, etc.

Out-of-the-box enterprise-grade control plane

Industry Best Practices

Not included

Best practices from various industries such as banking, securities, fintech, and manufacturing

Training and Certification

Not included

Training and developer certification from APISIX maintainers

Uptime SLA

Not included

99.9%. Leveraging cached configuration and stateless architecture, the data plane maintains high availability by continuing to process API requests even during control plane disconnection and machine restarts

Advanced Features and Plugins

Not included

GraphQL Rate Limiting, GraphQL Proxy Cache, SOAP protocol conversion, Traffic Labeling, customizing Error Page, oas-validator and more in API7 Plugin Hub


Community support

Technical support from the APISIX core maintainer team to provide critical response SLA

Enterprise-Exclusive Features

Not included

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Integrations

Built-in Keycloak and supports connecting to Okta, Auth0 and other identity providers

API Portal

Expand your reach by offering APIs to internal and external developers, while also monetizing your APIs and generating revenue through flexible plans

Gateway Group

Gateway groups enable the creation of logical groupings of API gateways, facilitating the multi-tenancy of API deployments. This allows users to manage services across various environments (development, staging, production) seamlessly and securely

Multilayer Network

Determine which data plane to process the API request based on cookies, args, headers, etc. to ensure data compliance and data sovereignty

Secrets Management

You can manage secrets through environment variables and HashiCorp Vault

Health Insights

Health insights give you a better understanding of your APIs and data planes

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API Management for Modern Architectures with Edge, API Gateway, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh.


API7 Cloud

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