Technical Writer

Update At 9/28/2021

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop technical documents for API7 and Apache APISIX, such as installation guide, product introduction, user guide, API reference, maintenance guide, etc.
  • Document reconstruction, Chinese-English translation and user case output of API7 company's official website and Apache APISIX's official website.
  • Reconstruct existing documents, translate documents from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese, produce user case based on video or audio contents.

Job Requirements

  • Experience in Internet products or large software platforms is preferred, experience in cloud products or middleware products is preferred.
  • Good technical background and fast learning ability, testing and operation and maintenance experience is preferred, and the ability to carry out document testing and verification.
  • Good verbal and writing skills, and long term writing habits, such as personal blog, Zhihu, and WeChat Official Account.
  • CET6 or above in English or higher English ability is preferred.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, able to work independently; team player.


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