Solution Architect

Update At 9/28/2021

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the technical communication and key customer opportunity insight in the pre-sales stage of customers.
  • Responsible for project requirement analysis, solution design, POC validation, solution design based on the company's product and solution capabilities.
  • Responsible for the migration and online delivery of products and solutions; participate in and guarantee the delivery of major projects.
  • Collaborate with sales (BD), R&D, SRE and other teams to do a good job in the continuous operation of customers.
  • Combine with the characteristics of the region and its industry, provide common demand input for products and solutions, and support competitiveness improvement.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent project support and customer technical program communication skills.
  • Related experience in business and IT industry.
  • Strong technical background, good understanding of data, platform, and technology.
  • Familiar with the function, principle and architecture of one or more areas of public or private cloud; some programming foundation or development experience is preferred.
  • Have some experience in cloud migration methods and processes; have related project experience is preferred.
  • Experience in planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of projects such as virtualization and cloudization in IT departments of related industries is preferred.
  • Open source experience is preferred.


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