Server-side Development Engineer (Observability)

Update At 1/20/2022

Job Responsibilities

  • Participate in the design and development of the monitoring system for cloud product solutions.​
  • Ensure the high availability, stability and security of the system.​
  • Ensure the quality of coding as well as high test coverage.​
  • Design and code according to requirements.​

Job Requirements

  • Solid knowledge about programming, familiar with Linux development, and strong enthusiasm for technology;​
  • Proficient in Go or JAVA language, with good programming habits;​
  • Familiar with commonly used APM systems (such as Prometheus, Apache SkyWalking, Jaeger, etc.);​
  • Identify test-driven development and have good doc habits;​
  • Good communication skills;​
  • Experience in open source community participation is preferred;​


We're a remote work company with employees in 6 cities across China, and we do all of our collaboration through GitHub, Slack and Google Docs.


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