Sales Assistant

Update At 9/28/2021

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the sales of solutions and services, assist the delivery team to complete the business link and help commercial enterprises to achieve success.
  • Promote the implementation of key projects in the region, customer relationship maintenance, collection and feedback of customer comments and suggestions.
  • Responsible for the market and customer development in the region, business opportunity mining, customer sales follow-up throughout the process.
  • Guiding customer demand, accurately grasp the demand and respond, and be able to establish deep communication and business cooperation with customers.
  • Gather market information, provide timely feedback on market trends, and assist the company in formulating or adjusting sales strategies.
  • Coordinate the resources of the company's pre-sales and solution departments, delivery departments, marketing and other departments to provide support to the sales work.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above, majoring in computer, management, marketing and other related majors.
  • more than 1 year of sales experience, with software, cloud computing or IT infrastructure components sales experience is preferred.
  • Good communication skills and expression ability, clear logic.
  • Good planning and self-management skills, able to bear the pressure of sales targets.
  • Have a strong career and challenge spirit.


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