Project Assistant

Update At 9/28/2021

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for project planning, project creation, demand research, demand analysis, project deployment and implementation process management.
  • Ensure the project's goals are achieved, ensure the project is delivered on time with good quality.
  • Maintain relations with customers, immediate feedback on the results of every stage, and immediate modification and optimization of market feedback requirements and suggestions.
  • Write project development plan documents, quantify tasks, and reasonably assign to the appropriate personnel.
  • Track the progress of the project, and coordinate the cooperation between project team members.
  • Optimize the project implementation process, specifications, etc., and provide support for the implementation of other projects in the company

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 years of project management work experience, with To-B project management related work experience is preferred.
  • Familiar with agile development process, familiar with relevant project management tools, such as Jira, MS Project, etc.
  • Strong logical thinking ability, able to control the parallel project as a whole.
  • Good communication skills, able to communicate with people at all levels.
  • Patient and meticulous, strong initiative, able to bear certain work pressure and challenges.
  • Excellent analysis, summarization, summary, organization and management skills and strong self-learning ability; familiar with the use of common tools (xmind/Axure/UML)
  • Good organization and written expression skills, able to understand the main points of the project, and form a complete report.
  • Candidate with PMP certificate and other project management qualification certificates is preferred.


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