Community Operations Specialist

Update At 1/20/2022

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the open source community atmosphere and content construction, and responsible for the active community users;
  • Formulate community content operation strategies to enhance user stickiness and user activity through content, activities and other forms;
  • Establish core user and creator communities, maintain customer relationship management, and encourage users to create;
  • Build a community topic system, plan activities and follow up hot spots;
  • Organize and analyze community data, collect and process user feedback, and improve the overall user experience;

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above;
  • More than one year of content operation experience, open source community and basic middleware product operation experience, cybertribe operations experience is preferred;
  • Have data analytics ability and Internet product thinking ability, strong content and user insight;
  • Have good communication and pressure resistance, have a good sense of self-drive;
  • Community hardcore consumers and those with big brains and active thinking are preferred.


We're a remote work company with employees in 6 cities across China, and we do all of our collaboration through GitHub, Slack and Google Docs.


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